SkyKing Aviation Services Inc.

Looking for an aircraft to buy? Let us help you find that aircraft you've been looking for. We are knowledgeable in most all general aviation aircraft and can inform you of operating cost, known maintenance issues, performance criteria, market value, flying qualities, etc. Being aircraft owners ourselves, we can help you with the pros and cons of aircraft ownership.

Our Services Include

Evaluation of customers needs, mission, and budget
Wide market research
•      Negotiate fair purchase price between buyer and seller       
Represent you during aircraft pre-purchase inspection
Title searches
FAA Bill of Sale & Registration forms
Help with locating best insurance rates

Aircraft Acquisition
Aircraft Brokerage
Looking to sell your Aircraft? We offer the lowest prices in the industry period! We will take care of the headache that comes with trying to sell an airplane from start to finish.

  • Analyze current market value of your aircraft
  • Have an in-depth interview with seller on aircraft history 
  • Create a detailed spec sheet for your particular aircraft
  • Advertise over a wide range of web-based aircraft classifieds, magazines, flyers, etc.
  • Handle all aircraft inquiries and maintain a database of prospective buyers
  • Will keep the seller "In the Loop" at all times
  • Contracts
  • FAA Bill of Sale & Registration forms
  • J-3 Cub's to Turbine Aircraft
  • No up-front cost
  • 5% or less of the final sales price
Our Services
Pilot Service
  • Single Engine
  • Light/Medium Twin
  • Turbine
  • Tailwheel
  • Experimental